Udhaar: Bridging the gap between digital retail and neighbourhood stores

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January 20, 2021

Benefits Of Udhaar Feature (Customer Credit) 

Indian retail business model is coming-of-age when it comes to the use of digital technology for managing in-store sales. Millions of retailers are choosing to hop on to the digital bandwagon with new software & applications, but it is imperative that some of the old, manual customer relationship processes are packaged and mapped digitally as well. One such process that would spark instant recall is “Udhaar” ( Customer Khata/Customer Credit) – one of the most loosely used terms in the world of Indian retail, and just as well, one of the strongest tools driving customer loyalty, which otherwise simply means credit.

This Udhaar system (Consumer Credit System) allows retailers and shop owners to extend credit to their customers, in anticipation of customer loyalty, resulting in increased and consistent sales. This consistency cycle is maintained by the customer, benefitting from Udhaar, dropping into a store for repeat purchases, or only to clear off their due payments, in turn making an impulse purchase.

We ran a quick market study to assess the popularity of the Udhaar system  (consumer credit system )and found that about 90% retail shop owners successfully follow this system at an informal level, while others felt that this manual system led to a loss in revenue because of improper records of the credit transactions rolled out.

This is where Bech comes into the picture. We at Signcatch recently launched an online store builder app known as “BECH”, which comes equipped with the Udhaar feature (consumer credit feature) absolutely free of cost.  Shop owners can download this application on their smartphones and build an online store for free then configure it to their retail business, while digitally mapping the customers to whom they want to offer this facility. BECH, as an entirely self-sufficient business application, allows shopkeepers to streamline their sales, manage their billing, upload product catalogues as well as offer discounts, with an added facility of being able to extend Udhaar to customers. Shopkeepers can track all the Udhaar (consumer credit )transactions and also make use of the app’s in-built reminder feature for following up with customers about their dues, eliminating the possibility of payment defaults, and/or loss of track records. For Udhaar payment collections, all a shopkeeper needs to do is send a payment link to the customer via the BECH business management app, which the customer can use to make the payment conveniently from their home. Once the payment is made, the shopkeeper is intimated by an in-app notification and voila, the payment is complete!

Come on shop owners, create a free online store in India with BECH and revolutionize your selling and customer experience. Be the loved & the preferred one by your customers!

Download now from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

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