How To Start An Online Store In India

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January 31, 2021
Start An Online Store

Start Your Own Online Store In India With These Easy Steps

Think about that time you, or someone you knew, baked a batch of delicious brownies that disappeared in no time because everyone loved them! Somebody probably remarked, "You should sell these!" which got you wondering what it would be like to have your own business and how to start an online store in India. Don’t we all want to do something we are passionate about and wouldn’t it be great if we could do that easily?

Well, that idea is not far-fetched anymore! Embracing digital entrepreneurship has never been easier thanks to the internet and of course, technology. Technology has opened doors that we didn't know existed and has made it possible to establish an online presence with utmost ease.

Enter Bech! We made Bech to enable and empower each and every Indian person like you who believes in their product/service and wants to start selling immediately without the complications of big and expensive tools. Bech is a mobile app that provides an ecosystem to anyone who want to start selling something or is already selling it but wants to systematically organise all their business operations.

Owners of the smallest stores now hold the possibility of taking their business online, in the palm of their hands. Quite literally if they're using a mobile phone or any handheld device to do so!

E-commerce allows buyers and sellers to conduct business electronically, or online. You can buy and sell products or services, both tangible and intangible, via a kirana, a stand-alone department store, a hypermarket or virtually any kind of retail store. Replicating how things work in the physical or offline space, the centre of all this bustling commerce is an online store or sometimes a marketplace. So, if you have a viable business idea and are looking to start a business, start an online store with Bech and make it known to your potential buyers. If you want to know how to start an online store in India for free or without investing a huge amount then this community driven, made in India app that helps all kinds of businesses grow, digitally, is your answer!

Born out of the dire circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bech is conceived as a solution that uplifts local creators and stores whilst benefiting the community. The intention is to make small businesses accessible to customers, at a time when even giant retailers had to halt their regular business operations due to government restrictions and containments. Shop owners had already begun to leverage technology, in an attempt to find alternate survival means during the lockdown. Bech’s main aim is to make home-grown businesses more visible, at a time of need, and create a win-win situation for parties at either end of the transaction. As a consumer, you can conveniently order from your trusted nearby department store or grocer. As a store-owner, you can smoothly conduct day-to-day business, create and share your product catalogue and receive timely online payments.

So, what is Bech? It is a fully integrated yet easy to use online store builder that allows any small retailer to go digital in no time. It aims to be a one-stop-shop for all kinds of businesses, with an assortment of features like online store creation, integrated payment methods, customer management and more, packaged explicitly for Indian creators, sellers and entrepreneurs. The intuitive platform provides end to end management solutions and facilities that cater to business ventures of every scale, right from a vegetable vendor to an AC repairing service to a nearby cafe. True to its motto of "If you sell anything, you’ve got to be on Bech", the online store app is designed for everyone who has something to sell and wants to be a digital entrepreneur!

With That, Let's Take A Look On How To Start An Online Store In India For Free With The Bech App!

1. Choosing A Category For Your Business

To create a free online store in India the first step is to select a suitable category that best represents your business. There are various options available, including Electronics, F&B, Grocery, Services, and Home Business, and many more.

2. Filling Out Business Details

Once you classify your store under the right category, the second step to start an online store is to provide corresponding information that uniquely identifies your store:

  • Provide a store or business name along with a contact number; these are mandatory fields. You can also upload a cover image of your shop or a logo to help customers identify you.
  • You also have the option to specify your GST number, if you're eligible for one. There are several guidelines to be followed as a prerequisite for GST registration, some of which apply to small business owners. For example, you would require a GSTIN if your business is located in one state but selling across states, or if your business involves export and import of any goods or services. Ensure that you go through the whole list, understand the precursory conditions and benefits of having a GST number and provide the same on the app while setting up your store.
  • Next, input your UPI ID and activate it to start accepting payments. Bech offers a handy feature of making and receiving payments through a single UPI ID, ridding sellers of the hassle of maintaining multiple QR codes.
  • Provide a valid business address for your physical store, if applicable.

3. Setting Up Staff Details

If you have a team of employees working alongside you, this section is where you record their details. Once you mention those, the app generates a download link to be shared with the necessary people. Your staff members can then download the app onto their phones or tabs and subsequently, start accepting payments on your behalf, once the app is set up on their devices.

4. Choosing A Language

Bech's interface allows its users to choose from five languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Punjabi. Remember, you can edit any of these details at a later stage. These changes can be done securely, as they are initiated by providing an OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

5. Creating A Catalogue

This is possibly the most important aspect when you start an online store and set it up, so be sure to spend sufficient time on it. A catalogue is a list of all your products and services, and the costs associated with each of them.

  • Add products or services: Open the "Catalog" option on the app, and start by adding products or services to it. There are two ways to go about this: Import product details or Manually add products. The first one is for retail stores and offers a pre-existing list of products associated with your store category. For example, if you run a stationery store, on choosing this option, you would find one or more product categories like "Office Supplies" within which certain items like "Fevikwik 8Gm pack - ₹20.00" are already listed and can be directly imported into your inventory. The other option is where you manually add product and pricing details. You can upload images of the product, specify its name, number of available units, price, barcode and description. 
  • Add a Collection: You can group your products or services into collections. For example, if you own a grocery store, some collections would be "dairy products" or "rice and pulses".
  • Add to Favourite: You can set some of the items as favourites, for quick accessibility.

6. Collaborating With Wholesalers

If you're a local store or marketplace, you would almost certainly need to tie up with wholesalers and purchase goods from them. Bech brings to your reach a network of hand-picked wholesalers, and provides an option to place and receive orders within a couple of days. You can check ongoing deals, offers, compare prices with other wholesalers and get the best value for your money. 

7. Managing Customer Data

At the end of the day, if you want your business to be successful, it needs to work extremely well with your consumers and potential clients. When it comes to online transactions or mobile apps, a smooth, reliable, easy to navigate interface is what your customers seek. With Bech, you can provide this experience to your users and convert them into loyal customers, by maintaining a proper database of their transactions, creating digital invoices, offering discounts to regular customers and tracking udhaar if you're following a tab/credit system.

8. Reviewing Transactions

Bech lets you visualise how your business is doing by archiving date wise transactions. It also shows you daily, monthly, quarterly and annual sales reports that can be viewed and shared as necessary.

Congratulations, your store is set up and ready to be launched! Now that you know how to start an online store, draw in eager customers, earn their advocacy with personalised discounts and quality products of their choice, and forge a strong relationship with your clients. This marks the first step to a long, fruitful journey of managing your business on the go and becoming a true digital entrepreneur!

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