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January 20, 2021
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Create free online store in India with BECH app

बेCH (Bech) - meaning to Sell is that one word that encapsulates the vitality and movement of retailing in the Indian subcontinent.

Throughout history, the Indian trading community has been known for its enterprise and gumption to find new markets and create opportunities to sell their products and commodities beyond the immediate horizon.

Examples of this ingenuity date back to the 3rd millennium BCE when inhabitants of the Indus Valley first used sea routes for maritime trading contact with Mesopotamia. Optimum conditions for viable long-distance voyages existed in this region and inscriptions indicate that Indian traders from the Indus valley were the very first people to carry copper, hardwoods, ivory, pearls, carnelian, and gold using maritime vessels.

Similar ingenuity and enterprise came to fore during the Covid19 lockdown in India where all big businesses were shut and it was the small neighbourhood stores that came to the rescue of the general public by supplying essential items for pickup and delivery. Most shop owners leveraged basic technology and started to take orders on the phone or use Whatsapp to accept orders from customers and also to place purchase orders to wholesalers for fulfilment and inventory replenishment.

बेCH (Bech) free online store builder app was born during Covid19 lockdown as a symbol of the spirit of small business owners and their ability to leverage simple technology to solve big problems. Democratizing retail technology for the masses the Bech allows a retailer to create a free online store in India and digitally engage with their customers as well as wholesalers and distributors. 

A simple app on your phone, बेCH (Bech) online store app by SignCatch allows any small retailer to go fully digital in a matter of minutes. From digitally purchasing goods and inventory for their store to creating and sharing online catalogs with their customers via the Online Store feature, the All -In One बेCH (Bech) allows a merchant to build an online store for free and replicate all their business operations on a mobile phone.

Simple features like in-store billing, digital payments, providing Udhaar (credit) to your customers, and offering instant discounts and loyalty have all seamlessly been built into this Super App of retail. From India with Love बेCH (Bech) online store app - Available on Android as well as Apple phones.This ready to use business management app enables you to create a free online store in India as well as makes selling and managing your store digitally a breeze!

So if you are a small retailer, a boutique store owner, or an individual service provider. You can now use बेCH (Bech) business management app to reach out to your customers and take care of all your transactions and business needs digitally

-Mobile Pos app for in-store Billing, Catalog Management, Payments

- Online store builder to Receive Hyperlocal Orders from Customers

- Wholesale Marketplace for Inventory Replenishment and Digital Purchase Orders

- Customer Engagement Tools for Loyalty, Credit, and Marketing

- Transactions Reports for Accounts and Expense Management

So don't waste time and jump onto the digital bandwagon and create a free online store in India today - Abb बेCH (Bech) Par Sab Becheinge!

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