How To Choose The Best POS System For Your Business?

Published on
January 5, 2021
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A Guide To Choose The Best POS System For Your Business

With the evolution of the internet, different brands have adapted different business models, keeping in mind their primary interests as well as their target audience. With the purpose of improving their customer footfalls, many businesses opt to set up online stores to target a more extensive market segment. Today, there are a multitude of options available, ranging from B2B and B2C e-commerce sites to mobile-based point of sale systems. In this new age, online stores have witnessed more customer traffic which has proven to be beneficial to the retailer in terms of continued sales and revenue. Managing an online store can be easy and profitable with a decent POS system in place which enables you to streamline your transactions and keep organised records without any hassles. 

A point of sale system is the place where your customer pays for the goods and services offered by your company. In other words, a customer completes a point of sale transaction every time they purchase from your store. While the first POS system was installed in the 1970s, today it has revolutionised the shopping experience for consumers while becoming the lifeline of almost every business. 

Even in the recent global pandemic, many small businesses were able to prevent their losses after they established their online presence. Going digital is the key to thriving in an economy which has shifted its fundamental base to targeting customers online. 

A POS system consists of three main components, all of which are essential for a smooth transaction process. These three components of any point of sale system are hardware, software, and payments. The components are cohesively linked together to enhance the daily operations of any business. As a business owner, one must make sure of the following things before selecting a POS system for their company:

  1. Make sure the POS system accepts all methods of payments, including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments.
  2. Make sure the POS system enables you to securely process transactions while also keeping track of your sales growth and inventory.
  3. The POS system must be able to deal with any of your queries as a user so that you are not stuck at any point.

A sound POS system should allow you to process every transaction securely while also making the administrative tasks more efficient. Ideally, the right point of sale system should be able to simplify crucial daily business operations with greater proficiency. All businesses have different requirements; hence their choice of POS systems may vary accordingly. Essentially, your POS system should not only enhance the flexibility of your transactions but also improve your chances of success by providing you analytical data about your sales. As an ideal choice in today’s world of business, mobile POS apps are taking over the town with their ease of use and various benefits. 

Depending on the type of business, there will be various factors to be taken into consideration so that you can make the best decision for yourself. If you are looking for a POS system for your business, you must understand the advantages of a point of sale system and the various features included in it. A clear understanding of the merits of a sound POS system will allow you to make a prime buying decision.

Here are five factors you must consider before making the final call on which POS system to install:

Ease of set-up: For a small business owner, it is essential that your transition from offline to online is hassle-free and quick. Mobile POS systems are an ideal fit for this since all it takes is for you to download the app on your phone. For example, Bech application is free pos software in India by SignCatch is a POS app that also enables offline operation and is available to download for Android as well as iOs users. It also features a ready catalogue which can be managed by the retailer as per his needs, making the user experience seamless for both the retailer as well as the consumers.

Online store features: Your POS system should help you establish an online presence so that consumers can order your products and services just through a few clicks. One of the advantages of having an online store is that you can avail from a repository of features to suit your needs. For example, the Bech POS app allows you to accept online orders, provide pickup and delivery, share with customers, and much more.

Streamlined payment and transaction processing: The whole point of a POS system is to ensure your transactions are secure and efficient. Mainly during peak hours, a POS provides smooth transactions by enabling payments from anywhere. You must also consider factors such as different modes of payment so that your customers can find it more convenient. The Bech app addresses this by allowing UPI and digital payments. It is one of the few point of sale software systems which, keeping in mind the Indian retail ecosystem, has brought the concept of “Udhaar'' online. It also makes it easier to keep track of customers with “Udhaar”' by sending a routinely reminder SMS and accepting payments from anywhere.

Benefits for the merchant: While it will make your customers’ experience better, you must also consider a POS system that takes care of your requirements and benefits you as well. For example, one of the salient features of the Bech app allows merchants to buy from local wholesalers, allowing them to benefit from each other. This feature not only allows the local ecosystem to grow as a whole but also helps the merchant make savings on his buying process by offering volumetric pricing and enabling him to compare prices for the best deals. With trusted delivery partners, the merchant is also provided daily offers and discounts for his purchases.  

Organised Business Reporting: In some cases, it may be a cumbersome task to maintain all the records of offline and online transactions, which is where the POS system comes into play. It simultaneously helps you keep track of your sales and inventory while also managing detailed reports so that your books are always in order. There are many features that could help you; for example, you can track your sales growth with GST complaint reports and custom reports offered by Bech.

Selecting the best POS system is easier when you understand your business needs. But it is also important that your point of sale system is suitable for your particular retail business model, like the Bech app, which offers regional language support for users all around India. It also takes into consideration a larger team for one’s business, in which case you can add them as a staff member to accept payment on your behalf. 

Bech is a mobile POS which allows you to establish your online store while also maintaining your offline store. Born out of the necessity to ensure regular supply from the customers’ trusted ‘kirana' store during the pandemic, Bech is intended to be a one-stop solution to all the needs of the merchant. It is a ready-to-use platform where the merchant can retain his brand identity while his customers continue to avail his products and services from the comfort of their homes. Bech offers efficient business reporting, GST complaint reports, ledger summary, transaction summary, as well as features of staff management, customer credit (Udhaar) and much more, all accessible just through a smartphone. 

In conclusion, with the right POS system and its tools, your business will not only be supported in administrative processes but also enhanced in terms of sales growth and efficiency. Its key advantage is that it improves your customers’ shopping experience while also addressing your needs as a user.

If you are a business owner looking to extend your business to the digital realm just through a smartphone, with all your needs addressed in one place, then Bech is the best option for you.

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